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Farm Fresh Products

From the care of a farmer to your doorstep, we deliver vegetables, fruits & desi products without warehousing.

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Plastic Free

Our Smiles are plastic-free & so is our packaging. We use banana leaves & bio-degradable to wrap your groceries.

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0% Commission

A happy farmer builds a happy nation. Help us rebuild our nation, shop the freshness get repaid kindness

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About Us

About us

Those hands which work before the sun rises,
those hands which sow the seeds of hope,
those hands that narrate hundreds of stories,
those hands which are rough, torn & broke,
Yet has the utmost care, is now needing your help.

Building the bridge between you & the farmers, Agritray is an E-commerce platform where consumers can directly buy farm fresh products straight from the farmers. Starting from fresh vegetables, fruits to seasonal flowers and desi products, Agritray delivers farm fresh products to you with 100% freshness & 0% plastic . With the vision of building India’s largest online platform that helps in creating Farmpreneures, we do not charge any commission on farmers who are partnered with Agritray. And by choosing Agritray, you are helping hundreds of farmers earn a living.

Tales of happiness


“Agritray company has helped us in making some decent amount of money, they had no restrictions on types of vegetables or fruits, be it ladies finger or any other vegetables, they have purchased all of them from us. We also made some savings compared to last year. Most importantly they didn’t charge any commission which made us sell the crops at a reasonable price”



“It was a lot harder for us before we joined Agritray. Especially during the pandemic, the crisis hit hard on us. We couldn’t make enough money to pay school fees for our son. But after getting partnered with Agritray, I see some hope for our future. We are also able to sponsor school supplies for our kid today. I wholeheartedly thank Agritray for buying crops from us.”



“We grow some vegetables like raw banana, beans and brinjal. Most of them were sold for a lesser price as we can’t travel all the way to the city. Due to less options, we had to stick to minimum resources to sell our crops. But after partnering with Agritray, we now feel that our hard work is not gone in vain. Additionally we are able to save more and also pay our daughter’s school fees.”

Venkayya & Subbalakshmi